מפחיד לקפוץ בלי לראות, כל כל הרבה אפשרויות, זו הרי אליה עם קוץ, אעצום עיניים ואקפוץ.

The jump is frightening between where I am and where I want to be, but because I know all I will become, I close my eyes and leap.


Simultaneous Poetry

Bang Snap Clap. Ba-Bang Snap Clap Snap. Bang Snap Clap. Ba-Bang Ba-Bang Shhhh.

Childhood memories start flowing back like a wave. What game should I ask them to play next?

Positions shift like the tides at night. I hating do that as a camper, are they the same way?

Decisions rough like the sand beneath your toes. Will my boss get angry with me for doing this?

Breathing like the salt water wind brushing through your hair. No, you cannot do that. Why do you keep asking?

The urge to burst like the waves crashing on the rocks. Holy shit. If one more person screams in my face, we’re not playing this game for the rest of the summer!

Was summer camp always this difficult?

Why can’t it just be simple?

One person with their partner…

Bang Snap Clap. Ba-Bang Snap Clap Snap. Bang Snap Clap. Ba-Bang Ba-Bang Shhhh.


Insomniatic Thoughts

Blank stare, joint pain, sigh of annoyance.
Anxiety overload, deep breath, waterfalls of frustration.
Headphones in, music on, feel the melody dance.
Start to relax, close your eyes, hum the tune.
Roll your neck, crack your knuckles, begin to type.
Realize no one will read this, ponder your life and all your latest choices. Picture your future, block out your past, go back to your writing.
Close the laptop, the iPhone, the light, and the shades.
Crawl in bed and let everything fall away. 
Deep breath. That’s right. In and out. 
Keep doing that.
Till sleep pulls you in and reality falls away. 
Goodnight Dreamer.


I Need Your Help

I know you don’t owe me one, but i need a favor.

after almost ten years of keeping it a secret, my friend finally came out and told everyone that he was abused and molested for about eight years.

he found the strength to write an article about everything. and all he asks for is that it gets shared so others who went or are going through something similar know not to keep it bottled up.

i was wondering if i could send you the link and you share it? i know your voice is louder than mine…


My Wish

i wanna make a difference in the world.

i just don’t know how to.

will it be today? maybe tomorrow.

either way, i want it to be big.

an impact that lasts forever.

that way, when I’m gone, my memory won’t be.

a memoir from the heart, for generations to come.


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